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Bestsellers of January 2022

DuffelPack SE009 DuffelPack SE009

$390.00 20% off


save $78.00
Belt 01 Belt 01

$118.00 20% off


save $23.60
Leather Fanny Pack SE044 Leather Fanny Pack SE044

$180.00+ 20% off


save $36.00
Knife Roll WS008 Knife Roll WS008

$296.00 20% off


save $59.20
Leather Apron WS016 Leather Apron WS016

$284.00 20% off


save $56.80
Apron WS033 Apron WS033

$284.00 20% off


save $56.80
Tool Roll WS003 Tool Roll WS003

$212.00 20% off


save $42.40
Bartender Roll WS039 Bartender Roll WS039

$416.00 20% off


save $83.20


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Christmas parties, drinks with old schoolmates… your wardrobe is in overdrive big time.

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Sailor became a head chef

Sailor became a head chef

Since marine college I made my first time sea journey. I preferred galley to control cabin with the captain himself. In my heart I've always been a cook.

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