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Kruk Garage Handcrafted Atelier


Original collection

  • Belt 02 Belt 02

    Leather belt with vintage buckle by Kruk Garage Mens leather belt Brown leather belt Vegetable leather belt



  • Belt 01 Belt 01

    Leather belt with vintage buckle WW2 era Vegetable tanned leather belt Black leather belt



man's leather belt is more than an accessory staple that holds up one's trousers; it is a versatile fashion statement that can virtually alter the look of an entire ensemble. A smart choice would be to have a few clean, solid-coloured belts in your collection that go with more than one type of attire and will remain on trend year after year. Additionally, investing in a good quality belt is a sensible thing to do as it will require little upkeep and can last for a long time. Our a selection of black and brown belts, two basic colours that every man should own, are designed with these points in mind. Measuring 1.75 inches wide, these belts work very well as casual belts and are equally suitable for both smart casual outfits and leisurewear. You can pair these leather belts with a variety of shorts and pants such as cargo shorts, Bermudas, corduroys, plaids and jeans. Handcrafted out of supple, real leather, these stylish belts are undeniably masculine with their thick, smooth-edged, hard-wearing strap and a solid, double tongue buckle. The buckle, an upcycled WWII vintage, is secured with two removable screws and has an antique finish which gives the belt a slightly raw, rugged appeal. Don't miss our new leather Briefcases and Pouches

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