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Camera Straps

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Are you looking to update the free strap that came with your camera to something more stylish? If so, why not check out our range of fashionable leather straps? Handcrafted out of 100% vegetable-tanned leather, the straps are strong enough to hold a medium-sized camera, yet soft enough to be worn around the neck all day without causing any discomfort. Each strap can be adjusted to lengths between 102cm – 116cm. The width differs in two parts. The thicker part, measuring at 3cm, rests around the neck and shoulders. The narrower, 1cm-wide lower section threads through the loops on the camera and is fixed in place by two metal buckles. This simple design makes it easy for the user to attach it to a camera and detach it just as quickly. The leather has a natural non-slip quality which helps to keep the camera in position in front of you. An added bonus is that it requires little maintenance – just give it a wipe with a dry cloth after every use. Long-lasting and well-made, the straps come in black, brown and cognac brown - colours that will complement any photographer’s wardrobe. Planning to carry more than a camera on your photo shoots? Double straps that hold up to three cameras are also available in our shop.

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