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Duffel bag / Weekender

Series collection

Original collection

Series collection

You might be on a holiday but your travel bag is working overtime. Squeezed in a crowded train, squashed among other bags in an overhead compartment, or straining at the handles as you lug it from place to place; travel bags can take a lot of abuse, so you would need a quality bag that can survive all that. Our duffel bags and weekenders in the series collection might just have the leather weekender or duffel bag for travelling you are looking for. Our genuine leather weekender bag will last a lifetime as it is constructed almost entirely out of hardwearing saddle leather which ages well with repeated use. It comes with sturdy handle straps and an adjustable shoulder strap. There is sufficient room in the single compartment to accommodate personal items for a weekend getaway, making it one of our best weekender bags in our collection. For a more masculine and rugged look, check out our all leather duffel bags. With a large U-shaped compartment that you can access via a wide opening, it is ideal for trips that call for bulkier items. A reinforced handle strap and adjustable shoulder strap allow you to carry heavier loads comfortably. Easily use it as a camping duffel bag or sports duffel bag. Available colours for both the weekenders and duffel bags are black, brown and cognac brown.

Original collection

We would like to think that these military inspired weekender and duffel bags command a fair bit of attention. Perfect as men's duffel bags or travel duffel bags, they are, among other things, made out of actual military material! In our original collection, the khaki Weekender is constructed out of upcycled British army duffel bags, Soviet army fabric belts, and AK 47 belts. Don't let the tough sounding textiles fool you though; the Weekender is really a soft duffel bag that is comfortable to carry around. With multiple pockets and a roomy interior, it works well as a casual holdall, travel bag or gym bag. Larger bags are available in our range of men's canvas and leather duffel bags. With the bags measuring at 80cm in length, we would consider them the best duffel bags for travelling, especially if you are going on longer getaways. You can fill the interior with camping gear, sports equipment or other large items and still have space for other essentials. Hardwearing leather and dirt-resistant canvas make up the bulk of the bag, so it can stand up to the elements during a trip. And a selection of neutral black and brown paired with deep green will help you nail the military look you want. Here you can look at our Aprons and Dopp kits

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