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Original collection

Given the bewildering variety of aprons in the shops, getting the best apron to suit your purpose and taste can be challenging. If you are not keen on girly designs with cute graphics or uninspiring standard types, our denim or canvas apron with leather pockets might just be what you are seeking. This cross back apron in our work style collection is both a piece of serious utility workwear and fashionable outer garment that will suit men and women. Made of high quality Italian denim or vintage Soviet army tenting canvas, it covers up to your knees to offer great protection. It is especially good for tasks involving heavy grease, outdoor cooking, woodworking and gardening as the durable material makes this a rugged work apron that can withstand wear and tear from frequent use. The pockets come in different sizes - there are big and deep pockets for storing larger tools, and long, thin ones for things like pens and knives. As they sit at a good height, accessing your gadgets is convenient. The practical denim or canvas workwear apron fits any body shape as there are fully adjustable straps in front and around the waist. The straps are upcycled 1970s Soviet army fabric belts, a noteworthy detail that gives the apron a unique dash of military style. The apron is not just for use at home - it is perfect for businesses too that employ cooks, hairdressers, baristas, barbers or waitstaff as the easy on the eye blue and khaki colours will look great on uniforms.

Work Style

Good quality aprons are not just useful in shielding your body and clothes from spills and hot liquids. A well-constructed, stylish apron will feel more comfortable, stand up well to wear and tear, and inspire confidence and creativity in the wearer. We believe our range of high quality leather aprons achieve all that and more. Making up our work style collection of aprons, these unisex leather aprons enhance the professional image of staff members and businesses with their clean, sophisticated look. Each handcrafted piece showcases smooth saddle leather that has been oiled and waxed to perfection. Subtle variations in shading in the material add interest and uniqueness to the overall appearance. The durable leather apron will also age beautifully, developing a deeper, richer tone over time. Importantly, its suppleness offers maximum comfort while its hard-wearing quality provides good protection against injuries. Practical elements have also been included. For instance, there are several pockets to contain all manner of tools so that they are always on hand; plus, easily adjustable shoulder and waist straps ensure there is no fuss when it comes to donning the garment. Check also our Tool Rolls and Tote Bags 

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