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Kruk Garage Handcrafted Atelier

Changing season, changing fashion!

The arrival of fall brings with it shorter days, cooler temperatures and a kaleidoscope of colours. And much like the fickleness of mother nature, the fashion world churns through a cycle of changes with its offerings. What is considered trendy today can quickly become yesterday's news. This often leaves consumers scrambling to find the next "it" item and forgoing product functionality and quality in the process. This autumn, however, Krug Garage remains solidly focused on sustainable and practical designs by using responsibly sourced and natural materials that last a lifetime. The result is a line of women's tote bags in 3 earthy colours to complement the season.

Classical and functional

An antithesis to throwaway fashion, the new bags feature classical lines constructed out of top grade leather and quality hardware. The roomy interior, with an option for customers to add a zipper closing, offers ample space for the modern woman's daily necessities. For easy organisation, a large, zipper pocket is attached inside to accommodate smaller items. Double reinforced soft leather straps support the load and feel comfortable on the shoulders.

A stylish addition

An all-occasion bag that easily matches and smartens up one's attire, it can be carried for work, school, errands and social events. If you are looking for an accessory that will not last just one season, then you should definitely make this tote bag an essential piece in your outfit ensemble.

Changing season, changing fashion!


A compact and cleverly designed accessory for cyclists
A compact and cleverly designed accessory for cyclists
This is a slim, discreet bicycle bag that can be easily attached to the frame or bars. Offering convenient carrying of tools, this genuine leather bag is both flexible and durable.
Smarten up with our singular piece apron!
Smarten up with our singular piece apron!
Our one-piece, full-length bartender apron adds a touch of class to any drinks establishment.

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