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When the weather is warm and sunny, it’s time to cook some of your favorite food outside. Think about how to protect your skin and clothes from heat.

Our one-piece, below the knee grilling apron is an excellent protective addition to your clothes, this bbq apron comes with two wide pockets and one narrow pocket for grill thermometer.

Easy to put on and take off, this apron is made of saddle leather that has been specially treated with wax to bring out its natural lustre, as well as achieve a unique, antique appearance over time.

The apron is held up by leather straps that cross at the back while a buckled waist strap fastens behind. All straps are adjustable to provide a closer and more comfortable fit for the wearer.

Saddle leather is made by applying special waxes to the surface of leather. This treatment serves to give it a transformative quality as over time, the leather takes on a unique antique appearance due to colour changes from marks that result from wear or use.

MEASUREMENTS for height 162-177 cm:

77 cm / 30 inches
68 cm / 27 inches
Width at the top of the chest part:
25 cm / 10 inches

MEASUREMENTS for height 178-190 cm:

89 cm / 35 inches
76 cm / 30 inches
Width at the top of the chest part:
25 cm / 10 inches



Cognac Brown

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