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How to choose the best leather briefcase?

The professional briefcase is the bag that most reflects our needs. It is not a simple accessory, but something more. An indispensable tool, extremely personal, that adapts to our working days. Let's see how to choose the most suitable briefcase according to the activity we do and our habits.

Fundamental characteristics for a work bag:

Best leather briefcase


When choosing a briefcase, the size is certainly the most important aspect. Depending on your profession, a briefcase must be more or less capacious. The first element to evaluate is therefore the size. In our catalog of handcrafted leather bags you will find a wide range of models of different sizes, which meet the various needs of a professional. To be able to contain, for example, documents, folders, books or laptops for teachers, lawyers, architects, or the various tools needed by a doctor, it is necessary to use a briefcase with rather generous spaces to accommodate everything you need. A word of advice: check the exact dimensions before buying so that you know beforehand if the items that you need (e.g. laptop) will fit.

Internal division

Fundamental characteristics of leather briefcase

Another feature of a good leather briefcase is the internal division. A very well equipped bag, with external pockets and internal compartments, allows you to manage neatly the objects to be carried. Therefore, not only laptops, books and documents but also space for cell phone, pocket for earphones, pens and much more. If you prefer a clean design without external pockets, there are several models very accessorized only on the inside. The interior of the briefcase reflects the way you manage your workday.


Handles or shoulder strap? Depending on how you commute to work, the portability of a bag is another key element. A professional who moves around on a bike, and prefers a more sporty look, although still very stylish, may lean towards a leather shoulder bag. For a business meeting, where perhaps a more formal look is required, handles are an excellent choice. For the undecided, of course there are also many bags with shoulder strap and handles together, so you can adapt your briefcase to any occasion.


The briefcase design is by no means a secondary aspect, since you will use it every day it must adapt to your work, the context in which you work and your clothing. Looking for an vintage, classic and refined line can suit professions where formal attire is required, while a more sporty and contemporary design may suit more informal contexts.


Leather Briefcase Kruk Garage

Along with a recognizable and refined design, a prerogative of our bags is the resistance. A leather briefcase must last a long time. The leathers with which Kruk garage briefcases are made are all of the highest quality, they are resistant and last a lifetime. Indeed, over the years they acquire value and character, in tune with their owner. They are therefore ideal for daily use that also requires the transport of heavy objects and numerous.

Original Kruk Garage briefcases

Thanks to the combination of these elements you are able to choose the briefcase that best suits you. In our catalog you will find leather briefcases, messenger bags, tote bags, funny packs all strictly made of leather, in Ukraine, by the best craftsmen. They are timeless bags, classic or casual, but with contemporary functionality. If you don't find the one you want in our catalog, or if you have any doubts, please contact us. Our assistance will answer as soon as possible.


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