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The Best Leather Roll Top Backpack - Selection Criteria

Modern mobility requires having more and more things to carry with you, the leather backpack has become over the years an accessory that you can't do without. Indeed the backpack which at the beginning was mainly used in military operations, it is today totally inscribed in a civil use and in all fields. Finding a good backpack is first of all a matter of material. 

A solution that is at the same time aesthetic, practical and functional is to go on a leather backpack. This material fully in the air of time is also part of an ecological approach that aims to protect the environment. However, choosing a backpack is not only a question of leather, it is also necessary to take into account various elements to have an efficient and comfortable bag. We have drawn up a list of criteria that we believe are important to make an informed choice.

What are the criteria for choosing a leather backpack?

We will agree that we will not choose a bag on the same basis to go on a trip as to simply spend an evening at the movies with friends. To do this, the choice must be studied from different angles to adapt to your needs. We have selected different points that will give you a good research track to have the best leather backpack.

The use of the bag:

Choosing a backpack is of course to think about its usefulness. There are bags called backpack that have a large volume and small bags that are similar to a handbag. For the small models we also talk about leather bags for men. The backpack is the bag that will contain large notebooks or a laptop.

The material of the baсkpack:

Leather whets the appetite and unfortunately there are a lot of bags where the origin of the leather is not really indicated. The choice of leather is made in a way that is both ecological and social. Thus it is more than advisable to choose brands like Kruk Garage that respect the environment and also meet the standard of fair trade to support the farmers. Finally, the choice of material is also a choice that should not put your health in danger. Even if leather remains a natural product, there are leather backpacks treated with harmful chemicals. The choice of material goes beyond the simple idea of leather and must be made in a global approach.

The ergonomics of the leather backpack:

It is often during use that we realize that the leather bag is not suitable. It is advisable to start with a bag with a large interior storage space that also includes pockets for small objects. On the outside of the bag one or two extra pockets will be handy for objects to be taken regularly (handkerchief, pencil, paper). Finally for a comfortable leather roll top backpack it is essential to have an adjustable strap on the back with a consequent width to avoid hurting your shoulders if the bag is too heavy. Attention a leather backpack will naturally be heavier than a synthetic bag, of course you will gain in strength with leather.

The aesthetics of the backpack:

Some elements highlight the bag quite easily. For example the ironwork which is vintage with a copper coloring will enhance the aesthetic aspect of your bag. Finally, the closure on the top can be elegant with on some models a roll closure that reminds the old bags. The tannery and the color of the bag are also criteria to be taken into account for an elegant and refined choice.

How to take care of your roll top leather backpack?

Leather because of its natural character does not require much maintenance, but like any product it can age over time, so to keep a good longevity to your backpack and also for it to keep a good fit both in its shape and color it should pay a little attention. You can take care of your bag about two or three times a year. Note that the leather material will have to be treated but also the stitching threads that can be the weak point of your bag.


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