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The best leather shoulder bag. How to choose?

Those who spend many hours away from home know that they need many essential accessories that can be used at any time during the day. A leather shoulder bag is traditionally the most comfortable and practical way to carry everything and concentrate it in a minimal but well-organized space.

Best leather shoulder bag

Sometimes less elegant than the classic leather briefcase, the shoulder bag that you take in the morning and follow us until the evening must have some essential features, especially in the arrangement of the pockets inside, where fragile or delicate objects must take place, such as mobile devices, from tablet to notebook, or potentially dangerous but firm, such as bottles or lunch boxes.

Let's see what to pay attention to, beyond the sale price, before choosing the right bag to give or treat yourself.

Space for everything in shoulder bag

Price comparison cannot be the only discriminating factor to consider before choosing the most suitable leather shoulder bag for your intended use. Unlike classic handbags shoulder bags have the specific task of carrying a slice of your home and your habits all day long.

This is why the sales rankings reward those models able to reserve a special place for anything you may need at any time or context. University students who need to bring with them books, tablets and lunch will also need not to overload themselves with parcels and packages, but to concentrate everything in one container, the bag.

If you need to take electronic devices with you, make sure that the bag has special padding in the reserved accommodation, and buckles or elastic bands to lock the devices in the specific pocket. Each review will highlight the presence or absence of these devices, read them carefully, especially if you do not have the opportunity to wear and try the bag before you buy it.

Robust and durable materials

The best leather shoulder bag. How to choose?

There are many solutions on the market and all of them are made of more or less robust or elegant materials. If your bag has to follow you everywhere, in a car or scooter, or worse between shoving and tugging in public transport, make sure that the materials chosen are strong and the seams are tear-resistant.

Full-grain leather is the one whose quality is certified by the type of workmanship that it underwent before becoming a bag, is made of a single cut and does not result from the assembly of various pieces, which would affect its resistance.

Greener but certainly effective solutions are represented by the canvas, made of cotton or hemp, which also offers a more lived-in and battle-hardened look to this special accessory.

Another detail not to be overlooked are the closure systems, the zipper is preferred to the simple magnetic toe cap or buckles that for distraction you tend to leave often open, to ensure the contents away from malicious people, especially when you make many changes between public transport.

Unisex Leather Shoulder bag

The best brand of leather shoulder bags clears the sleeve division according to which it is a purely feminine accessory. The square and regular shape, and the ease of transport through the practical buckle are also well suited for use by a man.

A detail that this guide suggests you to pay more attention at the time of choice are the size; build and height can vary a lot between men and women and the easiest way to choose the right model is to make sure that the size of the bag is proportional to those of your body.


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