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What types of leather do we use?

Crazy horse leather craftChoosing the best cut of leather is the starting point in our commitment to produce designs of supreme quality. To create beautiful luxury items that our customers can enjoy for a lifetime, we use 1.6 - 1.8mm thick Crazy Horse leather made from full grain cowhide leather in nearly all our collections, and 3mm thick vegetable-tanned leather for belts and straps.

What is Crazy Horse leather?

Crazy Horse leather is buffed and smoothened full grain leather that has been treated with special purpose wax. Full grain leather is the highest quality leather. It is found just under the coat of the animal where the fibres are very fine and densely packed. Taut, strong and highly-resistant to water, it is valued as the most durable type of leather that holds up well to everyday use. 


How did it get its name 'Crazy Horse'?

No one really knows why it is called 'Crazy Horse'. The name has obscure origins but most people assume it was coined in the Wild West. The leather can be mistaken for horsehide because of its name but it is actually cowhide.

Crazy horse leather

Why do we use Crazy Horse leather?

The wax treatment to full grain leather makes it more water-resistant. It also transforms the color, giving it a gorgeous matte finish. The fibres are enhanced so that when rubbed, the leather changes shade. The material takes marks and scrapes well for these blend with the natural grain pattern, resulting in the same rugged, authentic look of vintage leather. Additionally, because Crazy Horse leather has the ability to absorb oil from your hands, it develops a rich patina over time. In other words, the more you use your item, the better it looks!

What is vegetable-tanned leather?

Vegetable-tanned leather is leather that has been processed from raw hide using tannic acids found in plants and fruit. While there is a cheaper and faster tanning method that involves the use of chemicals, we purchase only leather that has been vegetable-tanned because we believe the natural way of production is more sustainable and socially-responsible.


Fall news

Fall news

It’s autumn. The leaves were falling off the trees - beautiful yellow, brown and maroon leaves all over the ground. Add to your wardrobe one of our new color-block totes for fall season in autumn colors.

New lookbook!

New lookbook!

Have a look at our new lookbook. It was inspired by bartenders workout routine.

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