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Kruk Garage Handcrafted Atelier

Grill Rolls Grill Roll WS050


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When the weather is warm and sunny, it’s time to cook some of your favorite food outside. It’s important to keep your grill tools clean, organized and easy accessible.

Designed together with chefs and handcrafted in our workshop for the purpose of storing and transporting the full set of barbecue tools, our new roll bag, made of thick, sumptuous saddle leather, will keep your tools in pristine condition.

This grill roll bag contains slots and pockets to keep everything in place.


  • one slip pocket for grill glove 45*10 cm (17.5*4 inches)
  • three high slip pockets for tweezer, marinade brush and skewer
  • five slip pockets for knives and small tools
  • three pockets (17 cm/ 6.5 inches in height) for tools with large handles (grill tong, turner etc.)
  • one pocket for marinade injector
  • pockets for large and small needle tip.
  • one pocket for oil mister.
  • huge utility zipper pocket for sundry items like grill brushes, basting set or gravy boats, 50 cm/ 19 inches in height. To further protect the tools from accidental damage, dust and moisture, the leather flap is incorporated inside.

This grill bag rolls into a compact cylindrical shape and is fastened with 2 vegetable tanned leather straps that come with antique coloured buckles. Saddle leather is made by applying special waxes to the surface of leather. This treatment serves to give it a transformative quality as over time, the leather takes on a unique antique appearance due to colour changes from marks that result from wear or use.


57 cm / 22.5 inches
Diameter when full of tools and rolled.
58 cm / 23 inches
50 cm / 19.5 inches
72 cm / 28 inches

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