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Leather knife roll - How to choose the best?

You want to offer your beautiful chef's knives and noble kitchen utensils a worthy home? For this purpose there are the Kruk Garage knife rolls. Good knives should not be stored in the kitchen drawer, because there they scratch and become dull. Furthermore, a high-quality knife is a jewel for every kitchen and does not have to be hidden in a drawer. A knife block is of course suitable for storage. But as so often, the kitchen knives for everyday use are already there. What now? We have the solution! So that your knives are stored safely and stylishly and to create a sensual experience while cooking: The Leather Chef's Knife Roll Bag

Best leather knife rolls

Why should you store high quality knives in a leather rolling bag?

If you afford kitchen knives or chef's knives in premium quality, the value of products plays an important role. Of course the knife should also be well cared for and remain beautiful for a long time. As already mentioned above, storage is also crucial. Your knives are safely stored in the best leather knife rolls from Kruk Garage and do not get any unnecessary scratches. Besides, the storage place should also correspond to the quality of the knives, right? Our knife rolls are made in our own manufacture in Ukraine from the best leather. So when you decide to buy a new Kruk Garage knife roll, you are buying a quality product at a reasonable and fair price.


Make cooking an experience - with our leather chef's knife roll bags

It is a pleasure to unroll your special chef's knives from a bag made of sustainably tanned leather and look at the nobly stored knives. Clearly arranged, the kitchen knives are spread out in front of you in chests of different widths and heights in a leather sheath. The knife roll is variably opened and closed again with a practical strap. The bag is thus always optimally rolled and securely fixed. With such a quality product like this knife bag cooking is even more fun - it becomes a sensual experience and you will enjoy your high-quality kitchen knife even more. Our knife rolls available in 4 different colors.

Leather chef's knife roll

You want to personalize your knife roll?

You want to have your own roll-up bag engraved with your initials or a motivating slogan? Or design the bag as a very personal gift? This is also possible with Kruk Garage! Depending on the model you can choose different engravings. The versions that are closed with a belt strap with a hatchet button even have two different ways of making an individual engraving in the leather. On the one hand, you can design the signet on the front with a maximum of three characters - initials, for example. And secondly, the strap can be engraved with a text of maximum 25 characters. Here, for example, your personal kitchen motto or a motivating quote is a good idea. No matter which engraving you choose, this way it is easy to personalize your bag and make it unique!

Engraved knife bag as a gift

Of course you can personalize a knife bag for yourself - but a best leather knife roll with engraving is also an excellent high-quality gift for passionate cooks! Every enthusiastic cook, amateur as well as professional, loves good equipment in the kitchen - and that includes high-quality knives! To prevent the often very expensive blades from being damaged during storage or transport, a leather knife protection is ideal. Certainly chefs in your circle of friends will also be happy about a personalised leather knife bag, because this way you show that you appreciate and support their passion!


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