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Duffel bag 3014

Large khaki and brown duffel bag with shoulder and handle straps. Made from quality cowhide and vintage army duffel canvas. Great weekender bag for men.

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This bag is made by hand in our workshop from carefully selected materials. The look of the vintage elements we use can only be achieved by years and can include such marks of time as shading variation, small scratches, wrinkles, stains and factory stamps. All these rare vintage elements make this bag unique and valuable. This is all part of the philosophy we follow in our workshop.

We remade British army duffles, added leather bottom and details. Duffle bags by Kruk Garage offer durable practicality along with military styling. It is often used to carry luggage or sports equipment by people who travel in the outdoors. Duffle bags will help you anytime you need pack more than just daily needed stuff.

If you travel a lot, duffle bags is perfect handy piece of baggage to have around. They are lightweight and it's easy to access your belongings.

Duffle bags are also perfect gym bags, because they are easy to fill not only with your personnel belonging but also with sport gear and recreation if needed.

Lots of space inside, long shoulder strap, strong handle strap and zipper pocket for small essentials make duffle bags by Kruk Garage the perfect life companions.

Interesting to know, that the name comes from Duffel, a town in Belgium where the thick cloth used to make the bag originated.



  • British army duffle bag dated back to the 1970's
  • Shoulder strap made of black straps leather
  • Bottom of the bag made of black cowhide leather
  • Original hardware dated back to the 1970's
  • Leather handle strap
  • One zipper pocket

Dust bag made of military cotton foot-wrap fabric dated back to the 1960's

All materials we use were carefully cleared, washed and ironed before manufacturing


Total height
80 cm / 31,5 inch
27 cm / 10,5 inch

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Latest reviews for «Duffel bag 3014»

dieudefeu, Feb 3, 18:22

Excellent quality and design as always. So unique and beautiful!


Alice, Apr 25, 10:43
Duffel bag 3013

Very good product, very nicely made. I’ve already used it a few times and I love it.


Diane Mo, Sep 19, 18:50
Duffel bag 3012

We had a little incident about this bag. First of all it took a little while to get here (almost a month), the package arrived damaged, but the dust bag protected the bag so the product itself wasn’t damaged. I paid the duty and took it home (because that’s Germany custom


Oreste Bonan, Jan 29, 18:19

Very nicely made, size is more than enough for a weekend out. Can’t wait to put it to the test!


Gina St.Phillips, Aug 7, 11:25
Duffel bag 3012

These were my nephew's graduation gift as he heads off for college. He was thrilled with them, and we both appreciated everything from the concept to the craftsmanship! Thank you


Grzegorz Terszowski, Dec 20, 10:36
Duffel bag 3012

Very good quality and service.


Jay C, Dec 24, 22:15
Duffel bag 3012

this is a serious bag. not just for looks its extremely durable and will be used for the military service, after which it will continue to be used. For sure an heirloom product.


Artur, Feb 26, 11:18

super bag ... it is practical and well made :)


Taryn, Aug 8, 14:30
Duffel bag 3013

Beautifully made, outstanding quality! The gift recipient loves it!!


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